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Rasmus and I have saved most of the corks from bottles of wine we’ve opened since we got married. 22 months of drinking wine adds up to quite a lot of corks. Until now they’ve been sitting in bowls and vases around the house. But today I went searching for some creative ideas beyond the usual pot holders for how to use them when we get back home again… vote for your favourite in the comments! (please don’t pick the chair… ;)

From top to bottom: cork place holders from a¬†lavish affair, cork monograms from Re-nest, heart artwork from lovely morning, cork bath mat from Crafty Nest, cork armchair from Aaron Kramer’s flickr, cork stamp craft idea from (who else?) Martha Stewart, cork kitchen backsplash uploaded in the comments of this post on Houzz, cork wine glass charms from griggworks‘ etsy shop, cork Christmas trees from 4eyesandears‘ etsy shop, cork candle holder from two twenty one, cork notice board from young house love, cork wall art from an Anthropologie store, photo taken by life love larson.

One of the last things I did in Fort Myers, was attend a crochet 101 class at a local Joann store. My friend Laura had told me about their classes before we came to the US and I had looked up what they had on locally but not got around to taking any yet. Well on Friday they had a crochet class for absolute beginners scheduled so I went along. There were just two of us beginners but there was a crochet social on at the same time, so another four women were there for that. It was so much fun!

My teacher Peggy was very patient with me and spent two and a half hours teaching me the basic single and double crochet stitches. I then spent both flights to San Diego crocheting, and now, on my first night home alone in about two months (Rasmus is on a business trip within a business trip!) I spent a happy evening watching Extreme Home Makeover and working on my scarf. I am still pretty slow and my fingers tend to start cramping after two or three rows which means every third row looks somewhat like a bunch of messy knots… but look! It actually is kinda starting to look like a scarf! :)

Here’s to new skills and new starts… our first 24 hours in San Diego have included sitting in the jacuzzi at sunset, drinking margaritas in the gaslamp district and meeting up with a wonderful friend from college. It’s going to be a good five weeks!

Last weekend we made a light to go over our dining room table.

Please understand that the word “we” is relative. Rasmus did all of the making. My role was more design advice, giving project go-ahead and jumping up and down and squealing when it was done.

Isn’t it awesome?

We were inspired by a lot of different lights and lamps that we saw in magazines made with these really big light bulbs, and decided we could come up with our own far far cheaper than we could buy one. So we found the lightbulbs in a wee shop on Bornholm and the red cord too, and then Rasmus used all his electrical skills to put it all together.

I am pretty much thrilled.

It looks super cool in our flat and brings much needed light to the dining table. Rasmus joked he should make a website and start selling them and I think it would work! We could offer them in all different colours…

Here’s one more photo from further away:

(please pretend the dishwasher is closed and hiding our dirty plates…)

Since Marissa was doing all the cooking for thanksgiving, I took my “hostess” duties very seriously and spent a good hour making the table look pretty.

We have so much purple from the wedding, in the form of leftover decorations and wedding gifts. So I decided the colour theme would be purple and white/cream.

I made a quick trip to the beautiful flower shop down the road for some roses and those other pretty wee things. The lovely vases were a wedding gift from Rasmus’ mormor (granny) and looked perfect!

The glass jars are the few left over once we finally got rid of the other 100+ we had collected from family and friends for the wedding decorations. I put some of the purple beads that we spent hours stringing the night before the wedding (I say we – I didn’t do any of it but we had a small army of family and friends in my parents living room stringing away) into the glass jars and put a tea candle in too.

Funny story – a few hours later I discovered the beads are actually plastic not glass, when one of them set on fire :)

Marissa laughed at me for colour coordinating the chairs with the plates and napkins… but hey, it would just not have looked quite as good if I’d put all the white chairs down one side.

Finally, I made name tags for everyone who came, using a stamp I found in the art shop when I was meant to be buying more supplies for the wedding thank you cards :)

I wrote the names on in silver pen and then added this verse from Matthew underneath, which I thought was very fitting considering how many countries we had represented around the table…

“Many will come from the east and the west and take their place at the feast in the kingdom of heaven”

so my bible was looking a bit tatty with the cover about to come off so while listening in to Care this afternoon I made a new one…