When I was little, my parents would only call me “Fiona Lynne” if I had done something wrong. It was always said in “Warning” tone.

Nowadays “Fiona Lynne” is generally used in half-jest by my parents usually when I am being rude to them. Which happens quite frequently. Or when mum is cooking and I steal the food she’s preparing. Which also happens quite frequently when I’m there.

Since a lot of my posts here include me being cheeky to them despite the 249.18 miles between us (I looked it up), and since it all started as a way of keeping them up to date with my life even though we don’t see each other so often, it seemed like an appropriate name for my blog.

And me? I currently live in Brussels with my husband, work in the NGO sector, try to follow Jesus daily, spend large parts of my life day-dreaming, get crabby if I don’t bake at least once a week and don’t speak either of the official langauges of the country I live in.

Nice to meet you.