On my 26th birthday this year I wrote a list of 26 things to do before I turn 27. Time is flying by and I don’t want to look back and regret all the things I didn’t do. This is my way of trying to spur myself on to fulfill some of those dreams and ambitions, and to have days that feel full of good things.

Volunteers to join/help me acieve my list are more than welcome!

Here’s the original blog post I wrote about it…

And here’s the list:

  1. Exercise twice a week at least
  2. Learn how to make sushi
  3. Start painting/crafting again
  4. Buy a sewing machine and learn how to use it
  5. Successfully grow something we can eatone chilli!
  6. Have a party at the beach
  7. Find armchairs for our flat
  8. Finally go to that American diner in Brussels
  9. Get some wedding photos printed – half done
  10. Finish watching the Godfather trilogy – watched #1 and #2
  11. Learn to be more naturally tidy at home
  12. Visit the Ardennes
  13. Drink champagne on “normal” days, just to celebrate being happy
  14. Make Flødeboller (marshmallow puff things)
  15. Finish reading one book a month: June – Wolf Hall, July – The Piano Teacher, We are all made of glue
  16. Make a patchwork quilt
  17. Travel to a new countryHungary, Morrocco, Luxembourg
  18. Spend a day in a spa with a friend(s)
  19. Get good enough at Danish to have a proper adult conversation with Rasmus
  20. Make ice creamcherry
  21. Become good at making bread from scratchfirst attempts
  22. Organise my bookmarked/cut out recipes and cook them
  23. Write at least one hand written letter every week
  24. Keep getting to know the women at the asylum centre on our street
  25. Have a picnic at Villers Abbey
  26. Keep writing my blog regularly…