Did you know I’ve been hanging around this little wordpress site for nearly four years??!

Four years is a long time. Four years ago Angelina & Brad had their twins, we were feeling sad about the death of Heath Ledger, Cyprus and Malta adopted the euro, China had its worst snowstorm since 1954 and I had not even met the man who was to become my husband.

Yes, it was a long time ago. Which all means it’s time to give this wee blog a facelift.

Last autumn I joined the fantastic Girl’s Guide to Web Design course, run by the amazing Amanda. She put us 74 ladies (and one man) through a busy and fun eight weeks of designing, coding and building, to show us how to make the website of our dreams. And gracious it was worth the money.

I’ve been working on my new blog design (and a couple of other secret projects) for the last few months – wrestling with html and css and the occasional scary bit of php – and it’s oh so nearly ready to show you all…

But I am going to make you wait 12 more days until 24th January, until I finally unveil it to you. Why, I hear you ask, am I making you wait such an unbearably long time? 24th January 2008 was the day of my first blog post here. So it somehow made sense to me that I do the big move on my blog’s birthday.

I’m looking forward to revealing all my hard work…!