Just dropping in for a quick “meatless June” update. Rasmus is away in Spain for a few days for work so I’m cooking for one again.

I often get really lazy when I’m only cooking for myself. My staple when I lived on my own was pasta with a little parmesan and lemon juice on top.

But I was a bit more adventurous today, trying to copy a dish my friend Paul made on Saturday when I was talking wedding planning with my good friend Nada. I bought some fancy mushrooms on the way home from work (I think they’re fancy coz my mum only ever bought the button ones) and broccoli and salad, heated up the griddle pan until it was smoking and threw the mushrooms and broccoli on.

It turned out good! I had par-cooked the broccoli before which helped and it all got this smoky taste. I plonked it onto the salad leaves (hey, it’s just me, no one to impress) and drizzled some balsalmic and a wee bit of chilli oil over the top.

Verdict: Yummy. Not quite as good as Paul’s (I need to get his secret) but good all the same. And meatless!

(Sorry for the kinda dark photo – it was already 9.30pm when I ate)