The last two weeks, Rasmus and I have been enjoying a wonderful holiday in western USA, visiting Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California, seeing lots of my old friends, witnessing another dear friend get married and visiting some incredible new places. I have lots to tell and the blog posts will come because I promised my mum. And that’s a promise you can’t break.

In the meantime we are trying to recover from jetlag and in addition I have spent the day dozing on the sofa after almost fainting on the way to work. I think an normally-not-a-problem bug has combined with the jetlag to take me off my feet. Right when there are hundreds of unread emails waiting for me at work. Great timing!

This evening I am still there on the coach, drinking coke to calm my stomach and researching rock climbing clubs in Brussels (Rasmus and I caught the bug in the US… photos coming!).

I am also looking through all my bookmarked recipes for inspiration… our two weeks in the US was not exactly healthy. Combine the large portions with the simple fact that nowhere is restaurant food super low-fat or low-calorie, and we both feel the need to behave ourselves for a while. So we have decided to try an almost-veggie diet for the month.

The rules are we can only have meat as part of our evening meal once a week. Fish is allowed (but is expensive here, so might also be a once a week occurrence) but the idea is we eat much more vegetables and legumes. Oh and also we are not supposed to fry food. Unless absolutely necessary. Grilling, poaching and baking are the key words for the month.

(We’re not going meatless coz we think meat is inherently bad, just from experience when we cook meat it tends to become heavy and unhealthy – creamy sauce with a side of fries anyone?! So this is just an experiment to force us to think about what we’re cooking more)

Luckily we also got a fabulous joint birthday present from Rasmus’ brothers and sister: a portable gas barbecue. In theory it’s just for outdoor use, but we just open the windows wide and cook with it on the floor of our living room (don’t worry, we’ve no carpets, it’s all safe non’flammable concrete!) It’s kinda fun barbecuing on the floor!

If you have good veggie recipes send me the link or the recipe. I’ll maybe try and post some of the good ones here and keep you updated how we are getting on.

Lots more exciting things to look forward to in June as well: we have a civil wedding this Friday, I’m helping another beautiful friend plan her August wedding, the lovely Jodi is back in town, the equally lovely Ellie is coming for a visit in two weeks time, and lots more exciting things happening at church, with friends, with family…

So despite having come from the incredible hot sunshine of California back to 10 degree wet and cloudy weather here, and spending most of the day on the sofa, the outlook is definitely sunny for June.