Last weekend I was in Copenhagen. I happened to have a work conference there the week before and another conference in the middle of nowhere (rural Sweden) the day after so we took Friday and Monday off and Rasmus flew out to join me. Eight days in this city and I really am in love with it… I could have easily stayed, exploring the shops, finding cool bars, snapping photos of the architecture, daring to practise my Danish by buying a pølse

(and I am forever greatful to the sweet pølse seller lady who didn’t immediately use her fluent English on me but humoured my laboured attempts to ask for a coke too and answered everything slowly and clearly in Danish!)

here’s some of what we got up to…

It all started with possibly one of the best brunches I’ve ever had. This photo really doesn’t do justice to just how big the plate was! And there was coffee. And champagne. And a view of a really pretty fountain. What more can you ask?

Then my sweet mother in law arrived and voted for us to visit the palace. Which I was totally up for of course. The Crown Prince and his stunningly beautiful wife are about to move into part of the Amalienborg Palace which they’ve been renovating for the last three years or so. But it’s open for one month to the public before they start unpacking their suitcases.

So we queued for an hour in the cold – very grateful to the entrepreneur who had decided to sell coffee and tea from a table half way down the line – and then wandered around. I wasn’t allowed to take photos but they have let a whole bunch of Danish artists do their artwork straight onto the walls, so you have this collision of old and new which was mostly very awesome and sometimes rather odd.

And also we happened to be in the main reception room where the balcony is that the royal family always stand on, right when the changing of the guard took place. Made me feel quite royal…

Then there was lunch in Nyhavn which is definitely the prettiest area of the city. I love the colourful houses and the beautiful boats. (mum, we saw the hotels you’ve booked to stay in and they’re both lovely!)

And then, finally…


I have been wanting to go here ever since Rasmus told me about it months before we even started dating. But both times we’ve been in Copenhagen before our schedule has been too busy – we’re just so popular ;)

It lived up to my expectations. We walked around the gardens and lake, then went on one of the rollarcoasters which was short but scary, got steak in one of the many many restaurants in the park, then carried on wandering…

…and got churros. Which made my joy complete.

Sunday we hung out with good friends and went to a vintage car meet-up at Kastellet, an old citadel in the city. Rasmus’ friend Trygve (yes, it’s a name, yes I know there aren’t many vowels in it) brought this awesome wee old Ford with him and we got to go for a ride into the city with him after.

And on top of all that, I got to snuggle with a month old baby two whole evenings, and play with her cute as pie older sister.

All in all, a pretty perfect weekend.

p.s. I know, you haven’t seen me in a while. My life is busy! In a good way. But my mum guilt-tripped me last night into posting something so I’ll try to be around a bit more… anyone still out there besides her?