My studio flat is up for grabs as of 1 November (or earlier if I clear out my stuff by the wedding – unlikely – and someone gives me half a months rent!) €600 a month including all bills and charges. Highly flexible and helpful landlord, if a little strange. Massive old windows, beautiful blue colour kitchen, horrible yellow colour in the bathroom (one tin of paint could fix that), entryway that will impress your visitors, African masks on the walls, just a stones throw from the EU institutions… what more could you want?

In all seriousness, I have LOVED living in this flat. Looking forward to moving in to Rasmus amazing loft (could hardly be more different) but will hold fond memories of baking in the blue kitchen…

If you know anyone needing a flat from November, leave me a comment here with a way to get in touch (if I don’t have your contacts already) and I will pass on all the details!

UPDATE: I put the flat up on some message boards on Thursday. By Sunday had had seven phone calls and numerous emails. Monday evening one girl convinced me to let her come round after work before I had to go out. She loved it. It’s hers. That was incredibly easy! And she is adorable so I am glad I am leaving my flat to someone who appreciates it. The best part is how excited she was about it having a big working oven so that she could, get this, BAKE! :)