yesterday evening I was having a bit of a “meh” day. They happen sometimes.

So when I left work I bought pizza and chocolate and curled up on the sofa to watch 10 Things I Hate About You, which in my mind has some of the best quotes ever…

“You’re asking me to investigate the inner workings of my sister’s twisted mind? I don’t think so!”

Ok, so maybe it’s just Jen and me who spent our teenage years quoting this film continuously to each other…

After the film I decided to make flapjack because a) I had no eggs, limiting my baking choices, b) I had no milk, limiting my baking choices even further, and c) I found a recipe for flapjack scribbled on a scrappy piece of paper between my cookbooks in my old flatmate Joanna’s handwriting and I recalled how good her flapjack was.

So I made flapjack, for maybe only the second time in my life, which is funny coz it is so tremendously easy.

And it looks good, huh? (it would look better if I hadn’t taken a slightly blurry photo, I realise this. or is it just me having trouble focussing on all those oats?)

flapjack1 090814

It tasted good to (Ta, Joanna!).

Just one problem. I stupidly forgot to grease or line the dish before I poured this sticky mess into it and baked the whole messy concoction for half an hour.

flapjack2 090814

Therefore actually getting a piece out of the dish requires an industrial strength drill and can cause considerable amounts of swearing (I’m kidding mum, I never swear, you brought me up to be a polite young lady, I promise).

So be warned if you are inspired to make flapjack this weekend: grease the baking dish!!