My blog is officially one year old today (all presents and cake more than welcome…)

See that little counter down on the left? It says (at this very moment in time) 4,208 hits. That works out at 11.5 hits a day.

Wanna know a funny thing I recently discovered? WordPress has this cool little “stats” page that tells you how many people have read which post each day, what google searches led them here, whose pages their linking off. Actually it’s all a bit creepy and stalkerish.

But the thing I found out when I discovered this page, which made me laugh for about half an hour, is that the biggest number of hits EVERY DAY are still for my Paul Klee post aaaaages ago.

Some poor people are searching for information on this talented and ground breaking artist and what they end up with is a picture I stole from someone else and a grumpy tired three line explanation that I went to the exhibition at Bozar but can’t be bothered to tell you more.

Paul Klee fans, I am so sorry! Although it still makes me chuckle to think of all my babbling you unintentionally get to read…

To everyone else who is amazingly, wonderfully, miraculously still interested in the drivvle I spout every few days: Hi! Thanks for reading. Even though I know most of you share some percentage of genes with me. That was the whole point of this blog in the first place anyway, to be somewhere for me to talk about the random happenings in my life for the people who actually want to be kept up to date.

And anyone else who happens to be along for the ride (Paul Klee fans, and a few other randoms), hope you’ve been entertained :)

Ok, I am going to go and make birthday cupcakes (any excuse, right?!)