i have a stinking cold today so am taking the afternoon off to nap and eat and watch Gilmore Girls (you can laugh, I don’t mind) off the internet.

Joanna is away this week skiing. It is truly amazing how much of a slob I turn into when she is not here to be a good influence on me. I have not done the washing up since Sunday (and I have baked twice), my clothes are all over the floor, as are books and pieces of newspaper which I have read in various corners of the flat and then left there. Some serious tidying will need to be done this weekend.

Sunday is easter which I love. I have discovered there is a “dawn” service in the park around the corner from our flat (only “dawn” and not just dawn because it starts at 7am which although early is after sunrise) which a lot of the Brussels churches take part in. Unfortunately the forecast is for freeeezing weather so I may not be able to drag myself out of bed that early.

Ok, I am going to stop trying to think intellegently and sit and scrapbook for a while. Haven’t done that in a while. I got stuck on a photo of Rebecca doing a cartwheel but I had a branwave this morning for how to scrap it so… (if this paragraph sounds like a foreign language to you, ask me to show you my scrapbook next time you are round).